2012 Rumors: Doubling Down [Phish Thoughts]

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  1. Love today’s entry Mo! Maddy, 2, is a fan of Angry Birds on the iPhone, BunnyBop on the laptop and a vetairy of peekaboo and animal/alphabet games online. Her big sister, 5, plays virtual dressup and terrifies me by randomly clicking videos on youtube (no serious mis-clicks yet unless you count the nomnom song). Then there are the times when you get a random question like what is a manatee, mom? and voila, facts, pictures, videos and sound effects at your fingertips. I can’t really complain though, their computer time is likely less than 5% of my own use. It seems that they would rather play with me, each other or their toys.I’ve tentatively made a plan. They will learn to use computers at home where I can monitor, help and hopefully instill some restraint. The computers will always be in a common area no bedroom laptops (especially for teens) and, hopefully, no cell phones until they’re old enough to get a job and pay for one. I’m sure that our parents had similar concerns with cable tv in our youth and one big bonus for parents today is that our kids don’t have to settle for garbage in/garbage out. Computers generally and the internet in particular are the equivalent of having the absolute best encyclopedia what better resource to plan your outdoor excursions?

  2. You’ve magnead a first class post

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