Alpharetta: Tour Closer – Report []

Today I listened to the second set again at the gym and what I heard (set2 in particular) was very interesting in the sense that it was both tight and flubbed.  Lyrical passages (Waste!) were botched as well as some of the standard Harpua ending (Trey), meanwhile the improvisation (type I jamming mostly) was razor sharp, energetic and extremely coherent.  Off the top of my head I can’t remember an instance where this comes across so vividly.  I have always been just fine with flubs as long as I get penance via jamming and type II specifically, but these flubs do seem a lot more “lovable” if you will.  I guess knowing that they’re not drug induced and putting someone’s life in peril is reassuring.  I smiled and snickered on the elliptical: “don’t want to be SOMETHING”.

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