Cactus: Mike Gordon 11/13/2011 Setlist Lebanon, NH []

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  1. This is one of the desserts which I think me and my kids clduon’t live without. The flavors of these ice creams are so great that you can’t help it but to keep on coming back to the store and buy some again.

  2. My kids really like eaintg ice cream. I’ll probably buy these ice cream flavors that you have here and let my kids try if it really tastes good or not. But I think they will surely love these.

  3. Wow! I am so glad that no one got arrested! Wow! Can you believe it? Can we send that cop back to the Academy? Get him a netflix subscription to COPS so he can no how to do his job! Maybe reruns of Andy Griffeth so he knows how small town cops are SUPPOSED to be! I hope the girls overcome this and become good friends; if not, at least you found out about this person before any more time was invested in the friendship! Can we say ‘eye chee wa wa’! Way to go Carole and Jimmie! I feel like a bobble head shaking my head in utter amazement…cops…oh brother.

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