Cactus: Mike Still a Fan-Favorite For Good Reason [OPT]

Mike is the one that has been cruising the pre-show lot scene in a golf cart for years.  Mike is the guy that answered fan mail sent to Phish via the Doniac Schvice.  Mike is the guy that set up the fan hotline.  Mike is the guy that invited fans on stage to jam with him (including our very own Guy Forget) for nearly four hours.  Mike is the guy that signed all pre-ordered copies of his new album, Moss. Mike is the guy that wrote all the silly sentences for the fans streaming the NYE shows during setbreak.  Now, Mike is the guy that’s starting a tour that starts in Oregon, goes all the way down through southern California, and through southern states before ending in the Northeast.  Almost the exact opposite of Trey’s tour completely messed up tour.

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