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    Free, legal Phish concerts you can download and listen to today.

    Phish: 07/02/1998 DAUD New Source Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phish: 06/14/1997 DAUD New Source Dublin, IRL

    Mike Gordon: El Buho (w/ Mike) 11/09/2001 DSBD Austin, TX

    Mike Gordon: El Buho (w/ Mike) 06/30/2001 DAUD Tulsa, OK

    Trey Anastasio: John McEuen & Jimmy Ibbotson (w/ Trey) 9/9/2001 DSBD Winooski, VT

    Trey plays You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, Beauty of My Dreams and Ripple with two members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Higher Ground just two days before 9/11.

    Phish: 08/15/2011 DAUD Chicago, IL

    Phish: 08/17/2011 DAUD Chicago, IL

    Phish: 08/17/2011 LivePhish SBD Chicago, IL

    Phish: 08/15/2011 LivePhish SBD Chicago, IL

    Phish: 08/12/2011 LivePhish SBD San Francisco, CA

    Phish: 08/10/2011 LivePhish SBD Stateline, NV

    Phish: 08/10/2011 FOB Stateline, NV

    Phish: 08/09/2011 LivePhish SBD Lake Tahoe, NV

    Phish: 08/09/2011 DAUD Lake Tahoe, NV

    Trey Anastasio: Vermont Youth Orchestra w/ Trey 03/02/2001 DAUD Uncirculated Troy, NY

    Phish: 08/08/2011 LivePhish SBD Hollywood, CA

    Phish: 08/08/2011 DAUD Hollywood, CA

    Phish: 08/06/2011 LivePhish SBD George, WA

    Phish: 08/06/2011 FOB George, WA

    Phish: 08/05/2011 Audio Sennheiser MD441U

    Phish: 08/05/2011 LivePhish SBD George, WA

    Phish: 08/05/2011 DAUD George, WA

    Trey Anastasio: TAB 03/04/2001 New Source DAUD Atlanta, GA

    Page McConnell: Vida Blue 07/13/2002 DAUD New Source (w/ Cactus) Los Angeles, LA

    Trey Anastasio: TAB 05/21/2002 New Source DAUD Seattle, WA

    Trey Anastasio: TAB 05/31/2002 New Source DAUD Las Vegas, NV

    Trey Anastasio: TAB 02/26/2001 New Source DAUD Cleveland, OH

    Phish: Uncirculated – 08/28/92 08/29/92 08/30/92 DAUD Opening For Santana

    Phish: 04/19/1985 UNCIRCULATED AUD Burlington, VT

    This tape belongs in an Archive. In this era of TS->InterWebstreaming and immediate MP3 post-show downloading, this tape is an historical artifact in the history of recorded live music. It is also one of those recordings that somehow managed to escape the tape collections of many of the most obsessive-compulsive Phish tape collectors in history. Of course, its failure to circulate widely in the previous 26 years may have resulted from its quality. (I’d have probably given it a “C-/D+” on my last tapelist, circa 2000.)

    Page McConnell: New Vida Blue Sources – 04/20/2002 + 04/24/2002 DAUD

    Phish: Super Ball IX LivePhish SBD – Day One, Day Two & Day Three Watkins Glen, NY

    Phish: Super Ball IX FOB Audio – Day One, Day Two, Day Three Watkins Glen, NY

    Phish: 11/23/1996 New Source FOB Vancouver, BC

    Page McConnell: Vida Blue 04/25/2002 / 04/26/2002 DAUD New Sources

    Phish: 11/09/1996 DAUD New Source Auburn Hills, MI

    Page McConnell: Vida Blue 04/18/2002 / 04/19/2002 DAUD New Sources

    Phish: 06/19/2011 LivePhish SBD Portsmouth, VA

    Phish: 06/19/2011 DAUD Portsmouth, VA

    Phish: 06/18/2011 LivePhish SBD Raleigh, NC

    Phish: 06/17/2011 LivePhish SBD Charlotte, NC

    Phish: 06/17/2011 DAUD Charlotte, NC

    Phish: 06/15/2011 LivePhish SBD Alpharetta, GA

    Phish: 06/15/2011 DAUD Alpharetta, GA

    Phish: 06/14/2011 LivePhish SBD Alpharetta, GA

    Phish: 06/14/2011 DAUD Alpharetta, GA

    Phish: 06/12/2011 LivePhish SBD Columbia, MD

    Phish: 06/12/2011 DAUD Columbia, MD

    Phish: 06/11/2011 LivePhish SBD Columbia, MD

    Phish: 06/11/2011 DAUD Columbia, MD

    Jon Fishman: Jazz Mandolin Project 07/27/2002 New Source DAUD Philadelphia, PA

    Page McConnell: Vida Blue 07/27/2002 New Source DAUD Philadelphia, PA

    Phish: 06/10/2011 LivePhish SBD Camden, NJ

    Phish: 06/10/2011 DAUD Camden, NJ

    Phish: 06/08/2011 LivePhish SBD Darien, NY

    Phish: 06/08/2011 DAUD Darien, NY

    Phish: 06/07/2011 LivePhish SBD Mansfield, MA

    Phish: 06/07/2011 DAUD Mansfield, MA

    Phish: 11/05/1988 New Source SBD Clinton, NY

    Phish: 06/05/2011 LivePhish SBD Cincinnati, OH

    Phish: 06/05/2011 DAUD Cincinnati, OH