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NYE Run Recaps: Phish @ Madison Square Garden 2011 – A to Z [Hidden Track]

Editorials: Pop The TAB and Drink It Up [Hidden Track]

Funny how often the best things in the world of Phish and the Trey Anastasio Band, affectionately known as TAB, simply go unnoticed. In chatting this past weekend with Hidden Track Editor extraordinaire, Scott Bernstein, about HT’s 5th Anniversary and the 1st of Postcards From Page Side, we were both scratching our heads on the lack of TAB coverage from this mini-tour that just wrapped up, making this week’s column a no-brainer as to what to cover. I caught one TAB show this tour, on the eve of my 31st Birthday, with a large crew of friends at Montclair, New Jersey’s Wellmont Theatre.

Debates: August ’93 vs. November 1994 [Online Phish Tour]

Following a recent twitter conversation about Phish’s peak era – which I’d link to if twitter’s search functionality were, um, existent – Poster Nutbag and I got to talking about which month represented the band’s creative apex. We both agreed that it’s silly to talk about a single peak of their career because, like a camel or many a Fall ’94 Hood, they’ve got multiple peaks. But for the purposes of this Tangle, we each chose to write about a month that stands among the greats.

Trey Anastasio: TAB 02/23/2011 DAUD Philadelphia, PA

Interviews: Mike Gordon – In His Own World [Boulder Weekly]

“I knew it would be difficult this time. Usually it takes at least a week for me to get to feeling human again after a tour,” he says. “It doesn’t even have to be a grueling tour. … You just get revved up from playing and staying up late and traveling and the intensity that the music requires. But on top of that, I had my album come out and all these side projects having to do with the album — creative projects, videos, bonus tracks — and then, Phish had a Halloween album, which was a double album, so that took a lot of practice, and getting ready for this tour at the same time. And, having family time, like my daughter just turned 2 years old.”

Podcasts: TWoL #39 – Hell U Ride [This Week on Lot]

Phish: 06/29/1995 David Bowie [VQ: B+, AQ: B+]



Photos: Phish @ the Greek 8/5/10 [Live Music Blog]

Phish: 08/05/2010 Wolfman’s Brother [VQ: B, AQ: B]


Bonnaroo FTA: YEMblog Unveils More Pre-Tour Goodies [Hidden Track]

The second Bonnaroo From The Archives broadcast featured a wealth of gems that span from 1985 to 1999 including an exploratory version of 2001 from September 29, 1999, a rare Mike Gordon demo from 1993 and a wild Run Like An Antelope from October 24, 1995. All of these tracks come from a source marked as “Pre-FM” meaning that the broadcast was recorded before the signal went out over the air as opposed to the webcast-rips that previously circulated. In other words, it doesn’t get higher quality than these files.

Phish 3D: Movie Review – Phish 3D [Orlando Sentinel]

Phish: 11/29/1997 Simple [VQ: B-, AQ: B]


Competitions: March Madness – Phish vs. PGroove [Hidden Track]

Trey Anastasio: 02/23/2010 Nearly Complete Playlist of Classic TAB [VQ: B+, AQ: A-]


Trey Anastasio: Backstage Hang


Introductions: Oom Pa Pa, Oom Pa Pa [We Beat Okimo!]

Phish: 07/21/1999 DAUD UNCIRCULATED Burgettstown, PA

Phish: 12/30/2009 Assorted Videos From This Show


The Obama Era of Phish: This American Phish [HeadCount]

Forget about Phish 3.0. For a long time I reckoned there were only two Phish eras: the Clinton years and the Bush years.

Having seen the band all three nights at Madison Square Garden last week, however, I’m forced to update that notion. Phish has now fully entered their – and our – Obama phase.

Halloween: Phish Halloween(s) Round-up [Of The Week]

Favorite Halloween Album Set:

1. Remain In Light
2. Exile on Main St.
3. Quadrophenia
4. Loaded
5. The White Album

Festival 8: Shine A Light – Night Two Review [Jambands]

So it is fitting that Phish decided to cover the Rolling Stones’ famed double LP Exile on Main Street,a classic rock opus built from a Phishy DNA of blues riffs, country honky-tonk, funky soul and guitar-heavy rock and roll, at a time when the band is actively revisiting and its own canon and reevaluating its legacy.

Festival 8: Phans – Anything Goes on Halloween [Desert Sun]

Serious’d: Manchester Man – I Knew Terror Figure [UnionLeader]

The New Hampshire guys were quick to banter with Omar, a fervent Yankees fan, about the rivalry with the Red Sox.

They even felt comfortable enough with him to joke that Omar looked “like a terrorist,” giving him a hard time about his “al-Qaida beard.”

And when they paid him in cash after their nightly adventures, Hall said, “We were sort of joking about, ‘Here you go, Omar; here’s some more money to fund terrorism.'”

Serious’d: Suspected Terrorist Drives NH Man to Phish Shows [Hidden Track]

Dylan Jones Hall, general manager of a ski equipment business, told the Manchester Express that suspected terrorist Najibullah Zazi shuttled him back and forth to the midsummer Phish shows at Red Rocks,  a month before the man Hall knew as “Omar” was accused of plotting the next 9/11.

Reviews: Trey Anastasio & the NY Philharmonic @ Carnegie [YNZnNYC]

Phish: 06/29/1997 DAUD UNCIRCULATED Roskilde, DEN

Reviews: A Bathtub For Kids in Phish Finale [Jambands]

Phish w/ Springsteen: Mike, Trey and Page Talk Bonnaroo Sit-in [Billboard]

Phish bassist Mike Gordon says the previous night’s Springsteen show was the first Boss performance he had seen outside a couple of songs at the Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Party last month. He now says he sees why Springsteen is so highly regarded. “It’s great to know that it’s not all hype or anything, there’s such a solid musician and songsmith standing there, and then to be so nice and such a gentleman at the same time,” Gordon says.

“What really blew me away was when we were in the practice room playing one of his songs and he strolled on in,” Gordon continues. “We had planned to practice with him, and he started kind of dancing to one of his songs we were playing. When he walked in, his guitar playing and his singing and his presence, it became clear to me why he became a megastar. Because he instantly brought this sense of melody and just bold statements out of his singing and guitar playing, it was undeniably great. It was a real joy to play with him.”

Phish w/ Bruce Springsteen: 06/14/2009 Mustang Sally [VQ: B-, AQ: C-]


Phish: 08/29/1987 SBD Shelburne, VT

Reviews: Phish Rocks Friday Night Bonnaroo [WAAY-TV]

Reviews: Camden – 06/07 – Phish [Jambase]

Reviews: Ace Cowboy’s Phish Hampton Review [Hidden Track]

Comeback: Phish Has Returned But The Scene Has Changed [Burlington Free Press]

“I was the one who didn’t want us to break up. I would say it was more Trey that was calling for the breakup and I was the one saying, ‘Let’s not break up,'” Gordon, Phish’s bass player, said prior to his Dec. 30 solo show at Higher Ground in South Burlington. “Soon after that I was so happy about it — ‘Oh, I can do other stuff I don’t have time for.’ Musically I wasn’t doing much because Phish was there filling that void. It was really great having to do it (break up); it was a great kick in the butt.

“That’s the thing about Phish coming back that felt a little funny to me,” Gordon said, “because I got gung-ho on this career path, and here’s fans getting excited about this band I haven’t thought much about in four years, and I’m like, ‘Oh, you want to talk about that?'”

Phish: 12/31/1997 DAUD New York, NY

Jesse Jarnow: Walnut Creek Review [Paste]

Venues: What’s next for the Stone Church? [Concord Monitor]