Comparisons: Comparing Trey Pre-Rehab and Post-Rehab [A/V Club]


Pre-rehab: Anastasio’s 2005 solo album Shine was his first release after Phish’s breakup, and was built on a foundation of stripped-down rock devoid of the jazz and funk influences he often drew on previously. It also wasn’t particularly jammy; the longest song barely cracked five and a half minutes. Anastasio was moving on, but so did most Phish fans, who generally detested the record.

Post-rehab: The most notable music that Trey Anastasio recorded since his arrest is “Time Turns Elastic” a 29-minute prog-rock opus originally written and recorded by Anastasio and Don Hart in 2008 and intended be performed with a symphony orchestra. It’s everything you could want from Anastasio: long, over-indulgent, and endearingly goofy.

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