Contest: HT Giveaway – Win Two Tickets to Festival 8 [Hidden Track]

While tickets to F8 are still available, we’ve got a pair of three-day passes for a creative Phish fan out there. Leave a comment below detailing the best Phish-related costume you can think of and we’ll pick our ten favorite ideas.

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  1. Costume idea #1: “Harry Hood” school style milk carton with a psychadelic touch and a “Missing:Tela” message on the back with photo (not quite sure who to use as tela yet), with details saying something like “went missing 11/24/98, REWARD: thousands of smiles, etc…” I want to include a foldable opening, just as a real milk carton, with my head just below the dip (which should provide shade), and a straw in the top in which I can possibly fit an umbrella (also for shade) with a giant Phish Fish painted ontop of the umbrella. It will be made out of cardboard which I will paint and screen myself, and will be approx. 7′ tall (1′ taller than me) and approx. 3′ x 3′ at the base. It will be held up with supports made from padded pieces of bamboo placed at each of my shoulders, and will have only one hole for my face right under the spout (might go all out and get some lumps for my face/head from a Halloween store and be an ashamed carini, hiding in a milk carton to avoid pople laughing at his lumpy head… It is all open to interpretation though.)

    Costume idea #2: “grind” counter/stats (number of teeth inside of my head, days lived, shows attended, etc…) with digital counters sewn into a futuristic Col. Forbin, who looks like a cross between Capn’ crunch, Jack sparrow, and Col. Mustard from “Clue”, after returning from an extended vacation in the future, where they found a cat by the name of “posternutbag” who had returned from the dead to deliver a warning (unknown) to Jimmy, but died as a result of molecular reconstruction during time travel, where he was infused to my (col forbin’s) body (picture a dead mangy cat attached to chest or side of costume)

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