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    Contest: Win Free Bonnaroo Tickets [Glide Magazine]

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    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me win!

    2. I would love to win tickets b/c I am such a Phish fan and would be in heaven to see them!

    3. woot

    4. This is my last chance to go !! This is the best line up this year ..I have to pay for grad school so I really need these tickets for me and my sister to go!! wana see dead weather..the xx..dave rawlings..stevie wonder!

    5. I would really like to win to take my brother!! He deserves a break, he’s been in and out of trouble since I moved away from Manchester. I’d really like to be able to go to this with him!! Let him know that I’m still here!!

    6. I’m really in need for a ticket, I’ve never been to bonnaroo & to be quite honest, I can’t aford it. I’m 16 & I would love it so much if I could win. <3


    8. There are a lot of people, like myself, who could not have a full life without music. People who have never been to a music festival think it is just some sort of big concert. What really make a music festival magical is the unique community that is suddenly created. Every shape, color, gender, and belief structure all come together in a way that makes you feel better about the world. People from every walk of life can come together not in some type of political allignment or religous battle, but to enjoy our different tastes and celebrate this Technicolor soup called humanity. Bonnaroo provides the freedom to be who you are without judgement, both by expressions from the variety of artists and individuals in attendance. Bonnaroo truly gives me a brief snapshot of how I think people should embrace eachothers differences and be outwardly honest. Bonnaroo is as much about the artists as it is the collective artistry of those in attendance. Trying to capture the essence of this woven fabric will not be an easy task to whomever wins this great gift. I would do my best to bring the spirit of Bonnaroo to others.

    9. I have been wanting to go to bonaroo forever and havent yet had the chance…i go to wanee every year but would be exstatic if i could make it to bonaroo…please give me a chance to go

    10. I live in Manchester and I go with my friends every year to enjoy the music and meet people from all over the US. This year money was just too tight to afford the ticket.My friend got theirs. They have better jobs.I would really like to go and take a friend that has never been from Georgia. It’s a great place to go and enjoy what I like doing.It’s the only thing I look forward too every year. thanks

    11. music=life.

    12. PLEASE PICK ME! this would be a great way to start the summer. and a great way to say goodbye to one of my greatest friends. I”m leaving the country for school and have no money to buy tickets. I would love to surprise here with tickets! Music is her language of love and I wanna show her! and The lineup is BEAUTIFUL!

    13. I would be greatful to win tickets for my husband.It would be a wonderful way to thank him for all he does.We were ready to go on our first trip to bonnaroo last year and had to cancel because I became very ill and was hospitalized, without his love and support I would not have recovered.We decided to save part of our tax return this year so we could try again to go to the fest. Unfortunatly my husbands dearest friend passed away in a freak accident leaving behind his wife and 2 kids and 3 week old baby. We both knew our savings would be put to great use by helping his family out instead of using on vacation to bonnaroo.One of the many things I admire of my husband is his big heart and helping others, he truly believes it is better to give than to recieve, and I’d like to be able to give him this.

    14. pick me

    15. Dear 8lbs 5 oz sweet baby glide if you could please pretty please give me tickets to 2011 Bonnaroo I will never ever ask you for anything ever again. Thank You AMEN

    16. My husband and myself have three kids and a busy life. We never get date nights or any nights off for that matter, so it would be nice to be able to go this year. We probably won’t go because we can’t afford it. What can I say kids are exspensive and work is sparce. Construction is not what it once was. This is a shot from hell but here’s hoping best of luck to all no matter who wins!

    17. Excelllent blog here! Also your site loads up very fast!
      What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
      I wish my website loaded up ass quickly ass yours lol

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