YEMblog readers, we’ve got five copies of Mike Gordon’s new CD – Moss – to giveaway.  Moss, Mike’s third solo album, comes out on October 19th. To enter, simply leave a comment below this post telling us about your favorite Mike Gordon musical moment. Your comment can be as long or as short as you want. This contest will run until September 30th at 11:59PM EDT.

You can enter this contest a total of three times – you can enter once by leaving a comment on this post, you can enter a second time by leaving your favorite Mike Gordon musical moment as a comment on our Facebook wall and you can enter a third time by tweeting your favorite MG musical moment to us @YEMblog.

We’ll tally all the entries on Twitter, Facebook and and pick five of those entries at random using the number generator. Phish Inc. will handle fulfillment. Good luck!!!

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  1. My favorite Mike Gordon musical moment is during Cavern between the verses when he drops bombs.

  2. My favorite was when he busted up laughing during Sabotage at Merriweather Post Pavilion in ’98

  3. I would love to win a copy of moss.

  4. Favorite Mike Gordon musical memory, Mike and Leo tour #1 at the 930 Club in DC. Sit down, intimate show. Very cool and very different environment to see Cactus. Boogie on from Vegas in 04. Also, his bass solo during YEM at Fenway last summer. Love the Lovetone Meatball!Many more could be included from the 80+ phish shows I’ve attended over the last 15 years.

  5. The Real Me; bassline 12/29/95 Phish.

  6. I love all Mike Gordon moments (be they musical or not), but one fav is whenever he screams in BBFCFM!!!!

  7. Scratch that, in the bonus clips on Bittersweet Motel, trey and mike and doing a goofy interview and trey goes, “what do you think is the biggest misconception about Mike Gordon?” And mike has a painting of his face held over his head and says “that his eyes are too close together and his cheeks are too fat”

    (hope I got that quote semi right, havent seen that part in a while)

  8. Mike was playing bass during Honkey Tonk Tuesday gig at Radio Bean, but his bass kept making weird sounds outta the amp. He thought it coulda been the strings so during setbreak he sat down across from me and changed his strings at my table! You da man Cactus!

  9. Albany ’97 Bring the DOOM

  10. Saw Mike perform w/ Leo Kottke at Club Helsinki Great Barrington MA in 2002 w/ like 150 people hung out w cactus at the bar after

  11. My favorite Gordo moment would be from the GRAB days, really enjoyed when they played Suskind Hotel.

  12. Recent favorite is his final bass fill in Hood right before the lyrics start from Gorge ’09

  13. mike & leo in atlanta & his show in birmingham at workplay theater, and pretty much every phish show i’ve seen. can’t wait to hear this one.

  14. “Another Door” is my favorite solo MG song. So funky and so very Mike

  15. I thank mike for constantly pushing the band in the direction of the hose. Mike lives in service to an improvisational ideal that inspires the rest of the band, and also happens to write great material… soo I’d love a copy of this album!

  16. 4/16/92, love this show, and Mike is turned way up in the mix on the copy I have, so nice to be able to hear him so clearly

  17. I like when Cactus can make Trey laugh early in Camel Walk when he says “Cool ” right after Trey sings “Got funk?” (even though Trey knows it’s coming)

  18. My favorite moments are when he gets a bass solo in Boogie on and just tears it up…also the bass solo in YEM is usually solid.

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