Cuyahoga Falls: Blossom Recap []

What followed will be known in Phish lore as When Harry Met Sally and is a simply outstanding 30 minutes of music. The “Sally” jam is sublime. All four band members are locked in and the result is a truly unique, must-hear jam. “Sally” melted into a “Harry” -> “Have Mercy” -> “Hood” that is simply majestic. Trey wove the “Have Mercy” theme throughout the “Hood” jam finishing off a set that is among the best of 3.0. I prefer the previous night’s second set somewhat, but which one you like better probably depends more on the style of set you prefer. The fact that the “Slave” encore is reduced to near-footnote status speaks to its greatness. If I’m giving a rating to this show it’s probably a 7.0, a notch above Bethel2 earned almost entirely on the basis of the second set. But seriously, ignore the number. The important part is that the second sets from Pine Knob and Blossom are the two best sets if 2011 IMO and would hold up in any era of Phish.

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