Debates: Tales of Mental Tangle – Tiered Pricing [OPT]

Tiered pricing is not something to be feared. I don’t think Phish management has turned into Scott Walker or the Yankees. I think they are taking a commonsense step to help ameliorate the problems that Phish tickets are grossly underpriced and that a for-profit, secondary market has appeared to take profit from the resale of tickets. Other measures can be taken, and while this will not solve the problem, I applaud Phish for trying to make things better while staying as true as possible to their core convictions. Phish tickets are still underpriced, and I’m glad they are because it has enabled the band to make a connection with their fans that 99.9% of other bands will never have. Recognizing a flaw and moving to correct it is a move we should support, and I think tiered pricing will ultimately have a positive effect on the community.

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