Drug Arrests: Three Officers Injured over Phish Concert Weekend [The Saratogian]

The LSD episode occurred Saturday afternoon, the day before the concert, as an investigator and about six other police officers were attempting to arrest Todd Buchas, 30, of Snowberry Road, Ballston Spa, outside of the Saratoga Springs Public Library.

Buchas was taken into custody after leading police in a short foot pursuit, during which he attempted to discard several items. Police said he was in possession of a small eyedropper container holding liquid LSD, some of which got onto the investigator, whom police would not identify. The investigator spent several hours at Saratoga Hospital Saturday recovering from the effects of the LSD.

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  1. What a fuckin’ joke. A local resident is arrested the day before the concert, and somehow it’s connected to Phish? And LOL @ the LSD “injury”!

  2. i think the moral here is, its all great to have fun but as we get older we need to be more careful with what we do. also im glad they busted a dude selling bunk acid!

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