Essex: Tales From A Reluctant Phishhead [Seven Days]

Well, guess what? It was a lot of fun.

(Before we move on, if I could chat privately with the hardcore Fi-hadist nitwits for a second. Dudes, what follows will be a mostly positive review of my experience at the show last night. However, I’m a music critic. I don’t believe anyone, even a sacred sea cow, is above criticism. I’m gonna write a few things you probably won’t agree with or like. So let me save you some time and trouble:

– Yes, this is the worst piece of journalism in history. And I am the worst journalist ever.

– You’re right, I probably should be/will be/have been fired for this.

– It’s true. I am so jealous that your band is bigger than my li’l hipster indie bands. By the way, have you heard the new Vampire Grizzly Beach album? Really skinnies up my jeans.)

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