Fenway Park: Yankee Fan Gets Revenge at Fenway [Boston Herald]

A sneaky Yankees fan, determined to avenge the indignity of a David Ortiz [stats] jersey that was embedded in the concrete at the new Yankee Stadium last year, says he’s engaged in his own subversive act.

At last week’s Phish show at Fenway Park [map], while other concert-goers snuck in weed, lifelong Yankees fan Ian Ferris claimed he was carrying a commemorative sack of official Yankees grass seed that he threw on hallowed Red Sox [team stats] turf . . . like some kind of Evil Empire Johnny Grass-seed!

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  1. the jokes on you Ferris while you were taking a “day off” from being a yankee fan. Us of the Nation held a little seance at the Fennway Park Phish show specifically to help David Ortiz hit the ball to left. Our Voodoo took a little while to kick in but he has 2 bombs since. I also smoked some weed with a Yankee Fan, who we decided not to beat up because he had pretty good weed and seemed pretty cool. You Ferris are a straight Nerd. We will continue to smoke your NYC grass and beat your Yankees. You suck JohnnyAppleseed.

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