Going Green: Sharing in the Weekapaug Groove [MountainTimes]

To Dr. Andrew Saldino, the most practical education is the most abstract education – learning how to think, discovering what’s important. The former Lees-McRae College philosophy professor encouraged his students to consider problems and how to go about solving them. But, according to Saldino, “That part’s easy, compared to figuring out what’s important.” Saldino’s found something, and he’s practicing what he’s preached. It’s called Weekapaug Grove, and it’s fixing to be one of the greenest subdivisions in Boone. The name has a twofold meaning. “Weekapaug” is Native American for “edge of the water,” and the property is situated near two perennial streams that feed Kraut Creek, of which Saldino’s a fan. It also references “Weekapaug Groove,” a popular tune from jam stalwarts Phish, of whom Saldino’s a phan.

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