Halloween: Suggestions For Phish’s Cover Album [MTV]

Phish are not the sort of band to buck tradition, so it should be assumed that they’ll be playing through a classic this Halloween. But what record should they tackle? Here are a few suggestions.

Led Zeppelin, IV
Phish have dabbled in Zeppelin before (”Moby Dick” cropped up a bunch during the turn of the millennium), but the epic quality of IV suits the band well. After all, doesn’t every Phish fan desire to hear a 25-minute version of “Stairway to Heaven”?

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  1. What about Michael Jackson Thriller

  2. how bout this one for ya phans….
    warren zevon – stand in the fire

  3. pearl jam 10

  4. Zepplin seems like a strong choice, followed by Thriller or Purple Rain. Keep the scene clean, respect each other and the music, and for god’s sake whatever you do take care of your shoes.
    read HFB

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