Holmdel: Phish PNC Holmdel Review and Photos – Night One [Hidden Track]

The Maze that followed was loud, dissonant, eerie, and chaotic – all positive qualities when you consider the song references a nightmare of sorts. Though Trey mentioned before Tube earlier in the evening that we were “going to Page’s house,” (referencing a humorous Makisupa Policeman from the weekend in Bethel), Maze was indisputably Page’s territory last night. The You Enjoy Myself that was curiously absent from Bethel arrived to close out the second set and this time it was Mike who decided to keep things relatively short, concluding his succinct bass solo on a high point. The band clearly wants to pursue new areas through jamming and can still deliver high-energy music – all at the cost of practicing consistently.

[Photo by S. Balaji Mani]

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