Influence’d: Interview – Merrill Garbus of Tuneyards [Pitchfork]

And then there’s stuff in there that I don’t really like to talk about because maybe it’s uncool right now. I listened to a lot of Dave Matthews Band and Phish and Ani DiFranco. In the 90s, they were on my– whatever it was at that point, probably a cassette player. My sister and I got really into Phish. Dave Matthews Band had these really lush orchestrations and I cringe when I listen to it now. But I was, to be overdramatic, a completely hormonally destroyed teenager. To listen to this extremely dramatic, romantic kind of music, it was kind of perfect. Same with Ani DiFranco, another badass woman. People have asked me, “What’s your shameful musical secret?” And it’s like, “Let me read you a list.” My “stuff that wasn’t on the radio” phase happened at the end of high school, when I was introduced to hip-hop.

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