Interviews: Hidden Track Interview – Trey Anastasio, Part Two [Hidden Track]

HT: Black shirts and jackets seem to dominate your onstage arsenal of clothing recently, is there any chance this TAB Tour will see a return of some other colors in the spectrum?

TA: Yikes. Who knows? Maybe i need to dig out the old JAH VOLUNTEER shirt. Page and I talk about this a lot…It’s tough to play if you are aware of your shirt. I live in New York now so maybe I’ve adopted that black thing that everyone seems to live by in the city. I wear that black button down all the time. I actually bought three of them. It’s a wrinkle free material. You can squish it in your bag and it comes out flat.

I’m so envious of Fish. You have no idea. He never has to think about what he’s going to wear.

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