Interviews: HT Interview – Trey Anastasio, Part 1 [Hidden Track]

HT: Before a tour like this starts, do you set aside songs that will be every-nighters (Sand, Valentine, Cayman Review, etc.) and flag some songs as more rarities (The Way I Feel, Ether Sunday, Words To Wanda, etc.), or is that something that just develops organically on tour when writing setlists? Do you write setlists for this band?

TA: Organically is always the best bet. Despite some valiant attempts, setlists were a dead end last tour, again. I often try…I think i’m going to write one and then I hand Tony a list and he just laughs at me. Same thing with [TAB/Phish LD] Chris [Kuroda]. Some nights I’ll write some kind of list backstage, with Phish or with TAB, and Richard [Glasgow], our tour manager, will copy it and hand it to Chris right before we go onstage. The other guys on the light board tell me that just as he kills the lights, Chris always rips it up and throws it on the ground, because we never end up playing any of it. Over the last few years, I’ve finally come to realize that it’s utterly impossible to know what to open with or what we’ll play until we’re standing onstage. You just can’t tell what the vibe in the room is until you are standing out there. Why even bother trying? It never works.

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