Interviews: Mike Gordon Can’t Stand Still [Jambands]

“Can’t Stand Still” is a good example of how I’ve applied this new songwriting technique to [an old jam]. That song actually stemmed from this thing we were calling “The Meteor Jam.” [While Trey was in Saratoga Springs, NY in drug treatment from 2007-2008], Fish, Page and I created this mini-album for Trey’s birthday present, actually. It was 43, 43-second loops for his 43rd birthday. It was a jam session that we had carved into loops, and I used those for the basis of “Can’t Stand Still.” Trey could and can still use them if he wants, but he never really had to—it was just a gift. But I decided I would take a couple of those loops and work them into songs and “Can’t Stand Still” was one of them.

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