Interviews: Watkins Glen International President Talks Super Ball IX [Bands That Jam]

JG – First of all, congrats on the announcement Mike. Can you briefly explain the process and how this whole thing came to fruition?

MP – The whole thing wouldn’t have been possible without (Watkins Glen International Senior Marketing Director) Brett Powell. He rocked the world. It was his idea. When I got here in ‘09 Brett was trying to put together some shows and we ran across some obstacles.  I had come across some of the same obstacles at Michigan (Speedway) so when Brett and I met here at The Glen, it was a great marriage because it was super important that we get the relationship down first and then find the band. We got real lucky with Coran Capshaw and his group. Coran picked up the Phish side of it and it couldn’t really be a happier day here in 2011.

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