Jones Beach: Phish – Review Night One [Glide Magazine]

Opening the show with “Fluffhead” certainly set the stage for the ‘anything goes tonight’ mentality, and as the sold-out venue began to frantically fill, it was rather apparent that this wasn’t going to be a random Tuesday filler show.  The anthemic climax brought the crowd to its first collective roar, and though the epic composition was far from perfect, it was free from those sectional train-wrecks Trey Anastasio can sometimes fall victim too.  “Kill Devil Falls,” debuted at last year’s run (by request no less), was a great example of the progress they’ve made since their last visit.  A new arena rocker that nudges at any vice you may be partial to, “KDF” is beginning to breathe, providing Trey another straight-forward, guitar-heavy outro that fits in pretty much any slot.  Compared to the ‘09 version, this was a well oiled machine.

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