Live Phish: Phish to Release Hampton / Winston-Salem ’97 [Hidden Track]

When discussing the Holy Grail of Phish shows stuck inside the band’s vault, the Hampton ’97 performances and Big Cypress are usually towards the top of most fans’ lists. On December 6, Phish fans will finally get to hear the Hampton ’97 performances in all their Fred Kevorkian-mastered soundboard glory when JEMP Records puts out Hampton / Winston Salem ’97. The wonderful kicker is that the band has attached the severely underrated November 23, 1997 show to this seven-CD set that will also include never-before-heard soundchecks.

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  3. Ya Bill! Thanks for the work and road trip tellings. Your pictures are wonderful. It’s fun to see Benito and Kalin working together. Is Kalin so business savvy? I giggled reading about his “copy right” insistence : ) and it’s nice to once again journey “on foot” with Athena, she does have a knack for the beautiful places. Love to you all!!

  4. I’ve been thkinnig about you this past week thkinnig that I would be EXHAUSTED if I were you! But you’re right, at least next time you’re on the move it will be with Nick. To an AMAZING location (or should I say locations:) Time to take a breather!

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