Lot Stories: Devoted ‘phan’ Migrates to Knoxville [The Reflector]

Shortly after the show we were all back at the lot sitting silently elated, dumbfounded, trying desperately to find the words to describe our collective and personal experiences, searching for our faces. Not long after gaining some sense of composure, our group was rattled by an uninvited guest with an agenda to speak.

“Excuse me guys, could I have a minute of your time?” said the man.

Our response was a collective murmur.

“I’m Pete Greyson. I’m an Catholic elementary school teacher from Brooklyn, New York.” He continued, “I have a wife and three daughters and I’m over $10,000 in debt…”

“Great,” I thought. “Here comes the part where he asks for money or a sandwich. And why the hell is a faithful husband in serious debt at a Phish show?”

What he said next caught me off guard.

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