Page McConnell: High Sierra Workshop 7/8/2007 Entire Show Playlist [VQ: A, AQ: A]


Intro, Tiny Dancer, Q & A, Strange Design, Maid Marian, More Q & A, Army of One, Wading, Coil Outro

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  1. You mean, seems like you started using your site again ! I tried Tumblr out for a while and then got neuovrs when they had all of their downtime (oh crap people can’t see that I’m not blogging!), so I moved everything back over here to WordPress.But you’re right no source info up front is annoying (although it usually is in the notes w/ the files), but it’s not like you’re paying for this stuff, so if it’s a lousy tape, I’ll chuck it. More often than not, it beats wobbly analog in the deck of my Explorer, so I’m enjoying it.

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