Phish: 05/21/1988 UNCIRCULATED Burlington, VT

-Prior to Letter to Jimmy Page, Trey announced that per “Del’s” request, they were going to play Letter to Jimmy Page as a band, and then Fish would play it by himself (telling the crowd that Fish didn’t know it)
-YEM was dedicated to Del
-This show included the first known Phish performance of St. Thomas.
-La Grange was dedicated to Mike.
-Note that Trey refers to Tela as a debut at this show, though it actually debuted on 3/12/88.
-Note the jam in this Tela sounds an aweful lot like Split Open and Melt.
-Big Leg Emma was played for the first time since May 3, 1985 (100 shows).

*Caveat Emptor*
– Source info is questionable. This is what was on the DAT.
– The show is riddled with cuts. I crossfaded most all of them. Some were left as-is.
– Set 3 is loaded with digital errors. I ran a couple of de-click and de-crackle plugins to lessen the harshness of the errors. This is by no means perfect, but here it is at long last.

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