Phish: 06/09/2009 Stash [VQ: A, AQ: A-, Multi-CAM]


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  1. I can remember a few years back when hanckig a person computer was wrong in so many levels. Why not today? Is it ok to do it? It sure sounds like it.I use to do computer repairs. And I remember that not just any one had a desktop, even less a portable laptop. Computers are a new thing to consumers, and technology will keep it that way. One of the main problem that customers had when they approached me for repairs, aside from the usual (how do I turn it on, I already pushed the on button on the TV) was “my computer is slow and windows keep popping up”.People just kept clicking the wrong sites. I recommended AOL because of its “safer” community, but that did not seem to help some of my customer when the got infected with BlackIce for clicking on the wrong image or song.Oh that Trojan was spectacular, it gave just about complete control on the client computer, and I believe if memory serves me right, you could even fry the motherboard by accessing the bios and changing the voltage on the CPU. But this is a sad story better told some other time. Now that was bad…very bad…Ok, now there is software like PCAnywhere or LogMeIn which do exactly the same thing, but is accepted. It is ok to spy on the client computer with their permission. So it is really not my fault if they failed to remove it after it’s no longer needed or did not set a password right?What I am trying to get at is…well I don’t know, but I think it is invasion of privacy.They can always do it like at my place of work. It pop ups a legal disclaimer when you log in to the domain. It boils down to: Its ok for us to monitor your station…

  2. Kia ora Donald!I so much agree with your analysis of the miusse of words to do with learning. And it is a miusse.My hunch is that it is a hangover from the work-ethic-driven times when jobs were not done until everything, and I mean everything, was ‘finished’ and ‘complete’. For some who lived through those times there was almost a ‘holiness’ associated with doing work and completing it.I’m a Scot. I must admit that the thorough teaching techniques that came out of Scotland carried with them the language of the working-class. You had to do work to complete the tasks to finish the job – sigh!Ka kitefrom Middle-earth

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