Phish: 07/04/2010 Camel Walk [VQ: B+, AQ: B+, Multi-CAM]


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  1. What’s wrong with the audio? Is there syncing issues? I thought this was one of my better efforts. I also may redo the Col Forbin with some footage from Mister Icculus Reader on Vimeo. He’s got some great close-up shots of Trey.

    For these videos, are close-ups preferred or is the wide shot preferred? Is the multi-cam cool or is it distracting? Ultimately I’d like to the full show.

  2. ack. last sentence should be, ultimately, I’d like to do the full show. I’m about halfway through the first set. I probably will skip Gotta Jibboo. Hard to outdo the band’s videos :)

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