Phish: 12/03/1989 SBD Burlington, VT

This appears to have circulated online in low gen in the past, but without the Fee. I have no idea why. This is the complete show, and since it is nearly the 20th anniversary of the show, it is about time it gets circulated online in complete form.

The online Spreadsheet doesn’t have this show complete yet, though presumably it will use this version soon. I don’t believe that a higher quality (overall) version of this show circulates, but there are a few cuts and flaws here and there, like at the beginnings of Gin, Oh Kee Pa and In A Hole. There is also a cut after Divided and a fade out in the transition between Fee and Possum because of the tape flips. I could have cut this fade out, but I didn’t want to upset the “integrity” of the original copy, which kinda seems silly upon reflection. But whatever.

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