Phish 3D: Movie Review – Phish 3D Lacks Depth [Boston Globe]

In general, one wonders why anyone went to the trouble and expense of 3-D cinematography when there is nothing inherently interesting or flashy about watching Phish perform its music. That’s not a knock on the band; a Phish concert is an event. But it’s one created through interaction between band and audience. In this movie, only one half of that equation is fairly represented, and the 3-D doesn’t pull you in nearly enough to replicate the live concert experience.

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  1. From what I saw of the previews and the other reviews, this is one person’s opinion. No one dogged Kenny Chesney’s 3D movie. All review say that this movie is going to rule. My wife and I are taking the kids to see it Saturday night. Glowsticks look cool when they are flying out of the screen, agreed?

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