Phish 3D: Review – Phish 3D Likes and Dislikes [Hidden Track]

Overall, I was very impressed with the movie. The 3D adds a great deal but isn’t so in-your-face obnoxious that it prevents you from appreciating the simple things. The music, while not up there among the best Phish has ever played, is certainly enjoyable. And for those of us who weren’t able to make it to Indio it was a nice snippet into the experience of the weekend. At times you could almost feel the sun beating down on the crowd. All while sitting in a movie theater in Brooklyn. Pretty damn cool.

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  1. amazing visual effects, great sound quality. CK5 lighting effects were great in 3D!

    several times in theatre, I wanted to bat away a bouncing ball or duck from a flying glowstick it felt so real!

    favorite parts = acoustic curtain (chills…), acoustic wilson, all the guys smiling and so happy … backstage clips of sharon jones, s. williams and horns rehearsing exile/suzy greenberg, trey shredding maze… lots of good fishman shots …

    would have enjoyed more of a documentary-style– with more backstage, more panoramic shots of indio, camping/fan shots …but obv. the cameras were set up facing the stage.


  2. Did not do the actual festival justice what so ever..Rather shotty song selection considering the the indio sets, did not show all the cool shit that was actually at the festival or any of the campers… there was no panoramics of the indio site which is depressing considering how amazing the polo ground and surrouning mountains really are, the camera never really zoomed out from the stage, the camera angle changed every split second… upside, the glow sticks and balloons felt like they were coming at you

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