Phish: Super Ball IX Nevaklass Playlist [VQ: Varies (C+/B-) / AQ: B]

Peaches En Regalia, Roses Are Free, Life On Mars?, Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn), Jam > Crosseyed and Painless, The Horse > Silent In The Morning, Show of Life, Tube, Lawn Boy, Cities, Poor Heart, Suskind Hotel, Monkey Man, Golden Age, Tweezer Reprise, Sleeping Monkey, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent, Narration, Fly Famous Mockingbird, Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars, Mound, Time Loves a Hero, Big Balls, No Quarter, What’s The Use?, Meatstick, Star Spangled Banner

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  1. Colleen I hope you are ready Prior to my review for your books I had never sheard my poetry. Guess I was embarrassed and scared. My family was never open when it came to the arts, so I held it in (I got a lot of gasps when I told them that I posted a poem because they didn’t even know I could write!) Well, all the amazing feedback I have received from you as well as other readers has totally inspired me to continue sharing! I wrote A LOT when I was reading SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT so I am working on typing those up tonight and tomorrow and will send them over. I will keep my fingers crossed that something in my mess of words you like! Thank you for giving this amazing opportunity out to others – you just keep on blowing me away with your crazy amazingness! (ok, we are both a bit crazed fan like now, so I will stop before I cross a line somewhere!)

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