Phish: Uncirculated Elektra Live Demo SBD 04/16-21/92

This tape used to circulate in the 1990s, and it is a mixed “demo” tape of live Phish songs from certain March and April 1992 gigs that was purportedly made for folks at Elektra. This mix of SBD recordings may have been made by a legendary fan and taper named Henry Petras, and Henry may have made this copy for Ellis. I have retained the fade-ins and fade-outs. The tape is labeled “Elektra Records Live Demo 4/16-21/92,” even though it includes Horse>Silent from March 7, 1992, according to the labeling of these tracks on the jcard. Note that there is a lot of crowd noise between Rocky Top and Contact that I did not edit out (Rocky Top ended the second set and Contact began the encore on 4/18/92).

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