Remasters: 09/21/1999 Tucson, AZ [Ghetto-FAB Remasters]

OK folks, I think you will be very happy with the result here. First off, I know I usually try not to comment on the music itself much, but I can’t help it in this case: I love this show. Perhaps my favorite of the tour, and there aren’t even any real mind-bending type II excursions. It’s just so well played, and they sound so…liquid in this show. I mean, a killer SOAM + Drowned as the third and fourth songs of the first set? Please. A beautiful Theme with some absolutely soaring guitar work from Big Red. And you Vultures fans who haven’t heard this version yet…just make sure you have a pair of fresh drawers for after you listen to this one. Top it off with a sick, long Antelope and an encore of REBA + Bold As Love?!? I quit.

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