Remembrances: 10 Years Later – Japan Tour Pt. 2 [Hidden Track]

Phish took the stage and unleashed a strong first set. Extremely well played, high energy, and exemplary of their many styles and moods, they introduced themselves to the crowd with an iron-clad grip. In response, a friend acknowledged their Axilla opener with a hello of his own: A few rows in front of Trey, he danced with a toy he had purchased on a whim in Shibuya earlier that day swaying high above his head – Captain Pecker the Party Wrecker – a four foot, inflatable penis with the word MEATSTICK written in large marker on its side. I have had a few people ask me along the way if I thought Trey had seen the Captain. Let me be clear: everybody saw Captain Pecker the Party Wrecker, including Brad Sands, who rushed over to tell my friend that yes, they were videotaping the show for Japanese TV, and – while hilarious – there was no room in the video for the Captain, because the cameras “couldn’t see the band.” Brad retired the rubber Captain to the side of the stage, but the Meatstick request had been delivered.

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