Remembrances:  A Look Back at Phish NYE Runs, Pt. 1 [Jambands]

RR: Yeah, the ’94 summer tour ended with a great show at Sugarbush in Vermont. Do you think the band also knew that a change in eras was taking place?

DS: I don’t know. I think for them the change may have occurred when they hit the East Coast on that tour. If you look at the venues, they change massively. It’s like theatre, theatre, theatre, and, all of a sudden, it’s the Mann and Great Woods. After that Mann show—which was the last show I saw on that tour; the next time I saw them was Halloween—it just felt much different. Halloween was insane; people were just breaking into the venue. So, yeah, Madison Square Garden, while surprising, it did feel like where they were going.

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