Remembrances: ZZYZX’s First Show [Adventures of Starman]

It was at that moment – and perhaps later when Poster jumped off of, “the white… corduroy… shelf,” that I was hooked. I didn’t know it yet, but the whole, “It’s not Fluff,” thing caused me to buy Junta at the merch booth hoping that “Fluffhead” was the song that I loved. It wasn’t, but I soon fell in love with “The Divided Sky,” and the rest, well I’m about to fly to California tomorrow to see them yet again, 20 years later.

So thank you Seth for inspiring me to go see Phish. Thank you band for choosing to play “Harpua” that night – although I bet there were nights where you might have wished you closed the show with “David Bowie” and I never got quite so into you – and continuing to interest me throughout these years.

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