Reviews: Phish / 08.15 / Merriweather Post [JamBase]

The passage was navigated gracefully as Fishman kick-started “Harry Hood” with a dark and foreboding underbelly. Gordo and Trey broke off some ridiculous stutter-step dynamics during the intro, dipping into rugged dub-step breaks between the reggae upstroke. The band took several chances during “Hood” as well, and though the ride was a little bumpier than the progressive mind-fuck that preceded, it still delivered an endorphin release at its apex. Clearly having earned it, Mr. Keyboard Player Page McConnell commandeered the sometimes wavering ship to close the second set, and lovingly steered it to shore with a serene “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’.” The recently revisited Velvet Underground gem was a warm and comforting muse to conclude a decidedly bipolar second set.

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