Reviews: Phish @ Chicago’s Toyota Park [Happy Genius Heroes]

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  1. This was my eighty ninth PHISH show, so close to a hundred i will get there soon enough.The first set was a average set. Many new songs. I enjoyed them all but Time Turns Elastic but they still jammed out on Time i just dont like the poppy feeling.I like the feeling of Oscelot a new fan favorite. They also played for the first time Windy City a tune Page wrote and it was descent i will have to hear it again to be able to compare it to anything. Then they sprinkled in some good old songs Gumbo, Sample in A Jar, etc. The second set was a rocking good set with the first Carini since the reunion. The jams were strong and 2001 is always good. The stadium shook with the crowd during fan favorite Wilson, Harry Hood,and Squirming Coil. And before i forget they played Paul and Silas for the first time since 98 in Virginia. They stuck with this tours theme of short but sweet encores Loving Cup was great but they have encored it alot on this tour. No Jesus Left Chichago but that was a long shot request. Theme from The Bottom was sweet. the bass line in the start of Harry Hood was so funky one of the best i have heard on this tour. So some people are bitching about the show saying it was weak, but i believe it stacked up just as good as any on this tour. The new stuff people have to embrace. Give it a chance. I love you all stay safe, happy, and see you on the lots. Caught the show in NY and it was great as well chalk full of old favorites and only a small selection of new stuff. Seems they play Backward Down The Number Line almost every stop. They sound great together and i cant wait to go to Cali got my tix and am waiting for the eight sets , and the eight phestival. See you in Cali!!!!!!!

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