Scalpers: How to Spot Fakes/Frauds [Craig’s List]

4) Now you might be thinking, ” I don’t want to scare them off. I really want those tickets.” There is an old con artist maxim that a good con is predicated on the blinding greed of the mark. (the mark means the victim) so use your head as well as your heart and slow down a pace.
5) Talk to them. If they say they don’t want a million emails, too bad. I like to have a phone call. How did you get tickets etc. I had a guy yesterday ask me my favorite Phish concert. Whatever.
6) Google them. Google their email or name or phone number. I am linked to a couple of websites so I am wildly easy to find if something goes wrong. Nothing makes me more confident of a purchase than going to someone’s office or apartment building to get tickets. If their doorman knows them they can’t run far and wouldn’t ask for such trouble.

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