Songs: The Evolution of Phish Songs [Online Phish Tour]

Guyute-  This song debuted on 10/7/94 but wasn’t released until “Story Of The Ghost”, despite its popularity among fans.  Many believe this song was written early in Phish’s career, Trey and Tom shelving it until fully developed, according to  I can see why- the composition is complex and there is no jamming at all during the, approximately, ten minute anthem about the ugly pig.  Phish played this song 19 times since its debut before it got pulled from rotation for almost a year, reportedly to be reworked.  The last performance before the short hiatus was 12/29/94, a fan favorite and spot on performance of the song.  When it resurfaced on Halloween ’95, the crowed reacted with a roar, and it turned out to be basically the same as before.  The intro was shortened slightly and they added whistling after the first verse.

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