T-shirt: Camp Oswego [SB: $9.99]

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  1. looks like it’s the llama version. One of my favorite designs. I have the antelope one myself. I know they also had mockingbird, possum, lizard and mule (or horse)

  2. Ginz, when I think of you, it’s in that antelope shirt!

    Um, no wait, my bad. It’s in that one of a kind “Best Band Ever” shirt.

    Sharpie + Undershirt = Brilliance

  3. I think of the Betrey’d headband ;)

  4. speaking of undershirt and sharpie…….

    i made scottyb a shirt for his 50th Umphrey’s show earlier this year. it said “its my 50th, outta my way noob”

    statistically I’d say the shirt that got the most wear on tour was Marlboro Middle School “88

  5. blue astroturf is all i got at Oswego.

  6. looks like i’ll be breaking out the sharpie for hampton designs

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