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    November 5, 2009

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Torn and Frayed [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    November 4, 2009

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Torn and Frayed [VQ: B-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Sign Language to Fluffhead

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Sugar Shack [VQ: B+, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: An Open Letter to Phish [The View From Here]

    Phish: Festival 8 From The Archives #3

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Sleep Again [VQ: B-, AQ: B]

    YouTube Preview Image

    November 3, 2009

    Festival 8: Phish Rock Rolling Stones Halloween Costume [LAist]

    hey’ll never top it, and this number in particular found frontman Trey Anastasio’s voice in peak form, hitting notes that had sometimes been beyond his reach in past years. Bassist Mike Gordon and keyboardist Page McConnell shared vocal duty too, but even Sharon Jones was upstaged by drummer Jon Fishman’s earnest so-weird-it’s-good singing on “Sweet Virginia.”

    Festival 8: Phish Pick Fans Up at 8 [LAist]

    In contrast to the sober 40-something guys on stage, the 40,000 revelers here aren’t exactly adhering to a straight-edge lifestyle, but, then again, they’re not the ones getting paid. Phish is back at work, and earning it. Check back Sunday for more on today’s Halloween madness.

    Phish: Festival 8 Slideshow

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: A Look at Festival 8 [Creative Loafing]

    A concert parable: A Phish fan enters the venue and security guards search him. They find a small bag of marijuana and take it. Bummed, the fan enters the grounds, finds his friend and tells him what happened. His friend produces a California medical marijuana prescription card, walks back to the guard and retrieves the confiscated weed.

    Festival 8: Phish Day 2 Set 3 [Festival Crashers]

    Festival 8: Indio Concert Latest in Phish Legacy [Desert Sun]

    Phish drew between 35,000 and 40,000 people a day to its first solo festival west of the Mississippi. That’s less than the 85,000 people a day who came to its Big Cypress festival in south Florida in 1999, or the 60,000 who attended the It fest in Maine in 2003. But that’s because Phish is an East Coast band.

    And Phish fans are the kind of people this desert should want to have back.

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Talk [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: 11/01/2009 Review and Photos [JamBase]

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Driver [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Heavy Things [VQ: B+, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Secret Smile [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 11/01/2009 The Wedge [VQ: B+, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Undermind [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Sweet Virginia [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Rocks Off, Rip This Joint [VQ: B-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Casino Boogie [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Tumbling Dice [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Sweet Virginia [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Happy [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: Festival 8 Montage

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Let Me Lie [VQ: B, AQ: B]

    YouTube Preview Image

    November 2, 2009

    Festival 8: Phish @ Festival 8 Coverage Summary [Hidden Track]

    Festival 8: The Setlists From All Eight Phish Festival 8 Sets [Hidden Track]

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Most of the Acoustic Set [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    Festival 8: Phish Follow Halloween Show With First Acoustic Set [Rolling Stone]

    Phish: 11/01/2009 LivePhish SBD Indio, CA

    Festival 8: Review – Phish @ Empire Polo Club [Los Angeles Times]

    Indeed, the band’s first night rarely disappointed, with the 26-year veteran delving into its back catalog to render favorites such as “Prince Caspian,” “Wolfman’s Brother,” and “Down With Disease,” with a rubbery danceability — the Polo Field at times looking like a fluorescent wave of bobbing heads, twirling glow sticks and flailing limbs.

    The following afternoon, the band ripped through cuts from its ’90s songbook (typically considered its studio zenith), a thank-you of sorts to longtime fans willing to weather the vicissitudes of a storied saga filled with acrimony, addiction and sundry inconsistencies.

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Shake Your Hips [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: Photos From Phish Festival [New Times]

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Loving Cup [VQ: A-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Suzy Greenberg [VQ: B-, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: Phunky Females Go Phishin [Desert Sun]

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Turd On The Run [VQ: B+, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: 11/01/2009 Schoeps CCM4v’s Indio, CA

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Loving Cup [VQ: B-, AQ: B-]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: Best Tweets of the Weekend [Google Spreadsheet]

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Shine A Light [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: Acoustic Set Hooks Phans [Desert Sun]

    On a hot fall afternoon, Phish warmed their fans’ hearts with a mellow set of music and a side of doughnuts.

    The band performed its first acoustic set at any of its eight solo music festivals during the past two decades. And that was one of several firsts for the Vermont jam band.

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Soul Survivor [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: Band Hopes to Do It Again [Desert Sun]

    Before the band’s last encore of the festival, lead singer/guitarist Trey Anastasio made sure to thank the crowd for a “wonderful weekend.” He even had a list of shout-outs.

    “I just wanted to make a point that it takes a whole mountain of people to make something like this happen,” Anastasio said. “I hope we can do it again.”

    And though Deitrich and many others were sad to see Festival 8 come to an end — with an encore of “Tweezer Reprise,” they seemed all content with simply having the memories .

    At least until the next concert.

    Phish: 10/31/2009 Loving Cup [VQ: B, AQ: B]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: Review – Phish Acoustic Set @ Festival 8 [Hidden Track]

    The set started with three songs that were staples of Anastasio’s solo acoustic performances -Water In The Sky, Back On The Train and Brian and Robert. Each sounded as if they were written to be played unplugged and early on it was clear the band had spent a considerable amount of time rehearsing. Invisible, a song off Phish bassist’s Mike Gordon Sixty Six Steps release with acoustic guitar legend Leo Kottke, followed with Mike taking the lead vocals as he does on the album.

    Festival 8: Shine A Light – Night Two Review [Jambands]

    So it is fitting that Phish decided to cover the Rolling Stones’ famed double LP Exile on Main Street,a classic rock opus built from a Phishy DNA of blues riffs, country honky-tonk, funky soul and guitar-heavy rock and roll, at a time when the band is actively revisiting and its own canon and reevaluating its legacy.

    Festival 8: Phish Covers Stones’ Exile [UPI]

    Festival 8: Phish Plays First Acoustic Set, Covers Exile [Spinner]

    November 1, 2009

    Festival 8: Official Phish From The Road Photos [Flickr]

    [Photo by C. Taylor Crothers]

    Festival 8: Phish Covers Exile On Main Street [Hidden Track]

    Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of The Rolling Stones. Certainly don’t hate them, but they’re not at the top of any lists for me. None of that matter when it became clear just a few tunes into set two, Phish’s full performance of Exile On Main Street, that this would be the most tightly performed Phish set in recent history.

    Festival 8: Night Two Setlist [Hidden Track]

    Phish: 10/30/2009 Moma Dance [VQ: B-, AQ: B]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: Three Videos of Sign Language Interpreters @ F8 [Hidden Track]

    Phish: 10/30/2009 I Didn’t Know [VQ: B, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Festival 8: 10/31/2009 Photos [Hidden Track]

    Phish: 10/30/2009 NICU [VQ: B+, AQ: B+]

    YouTube Preview Image