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    http://yemblog.com/interviews-trey-confirms-phish-to-enter-the-studio-pretty-soon/feed/ 1
    Interviews: Audio – Trey Anastasio Talks Setlists, Phish Love and More w/ KBCO [Hidden Track] http://yemblog.com/interviews-audio-trey-anastasio-talks-setlists-phish-love-and-more-w-kbco-hidden-track/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-audio-trey-anastasio-talks-setlists-phish-love-and-more-w-kbco-hidden-track/#comments Fri, 31 Aug 2012 16:14:50 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=22551 Interviews: Audio – Trey Anastasio Talks Setlists, Phish Love and More w/ KBCO [Hidden Track]

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-audio-trey-anastasio-talks-setlists-phish-love-and-more-w-kbco-hidden-track/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Reel Time – Trey Anastsaio Talks Traveler [Relix] http://yemblog.com/interviews-reel-time-trey-anastsaio-talks-traveler-relix/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-reel-time-trey-anastsaio-talks-traveler-relix/#comments Fri, 31 Aug 2012 16:12:36 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=22546 Interviews: Reel Time – Trey Anastsaio Talks Traveler [Relix]

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-reel-time-trey-anastsaio-talks-traveler-relix/feed/ 0
    Interviews: An Unfolding Natalie Cressman [Jambands.com] http://yemblog.com/interviews-an-unfolding-natalie-cressman-jambands-com/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-an-unfolding-natalie-cressman-jambands-com/#comments Thu, 19 Apr 2012 00:37:11 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=22033 Interviews: An Unfolding Natalie Cressman [Jambands.com]

    It was really funny. So Trey called my dad and my dad couldn’t do it. And he was like, ‘This might sound really funny but I have this daughter who lives in New York and she sings too and she might be a good fit.’ And I can’t believe it, because they actually took him seriously. They actually followed up on it. First, Trey’s manager called and asked me to send over some music and a bio. And then I remember, freshman year in my dorm room getting a call from Trey – no big deal (laughing).

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-an-unfolding-natalie-cressman-jambands-com/feed/ 0
    Trey Anastasio: The Inspiration Behind Hands On A Hardbody http://yemblog.com/trey-anastasio-the-inspiration-behind-hands-on-a-hardbody/ http://yemblog.com/trey-anastasio-the-inspiration-behind-hands-on-a-hardbody/#comments Thu, 19 Apr 2012 00:35:06 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=22032 Trey Anastasio: The Inspiration Behind Hands On A Hardbody

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    http://yemblog.com/trey-anastasio-the-inspiration-behind-hands-on-a-hardbody/feed/ 0
    Vinyl: JEMP Records Staff Details Phish Junta Record Store Day Release [HT] http://yemblog.com/vinyl-jemp-records-staff-details-phish-junta-record-store-day-release-ht/ http://yemblog.com/vinyl-jemp-records-staff-details-phish-junta-record-store-day-release-ht/#comments Mon, 16 Apr 2012 19:10:06 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=22028 Vinyl: JEMP Records Staff Details Phish Junta Record Store Day Release [HT]

    http://yemblog.com/vinyl-jemp-records-staff-details-phish-junta-record-store-day-release-ht/feed/ 0
    Influence’d: Bryan Devendorf of The National Talks Phish and GD [Gothamist] http://yemblog.com/influenced-bryan-devendorf-of-the-national-talks-phish-and-gd-gothamist/ http://yemblog.com/influenced-bryan-devendorf-of-the-national-talks-phish-and-gd-gothamist/#comments Fri, 23 Mar 2012 20:17:07 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21916 Influence’d: Bryan Devendorf of The National Talks Phish and GD [Gothamist]

    http://yemblog.com/influenced-bryan-devendorf-of-the-national-talks-phish-and-gd-gothamist/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Joe Alessi of New York Philharmonic on Trey [Phish.net] http://yemblog.com/interviews-joe-alessi-of-new-york-philharmonic-on-trey-phish-net/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-joe-alessi-of-new-york-philharmonic-on-trey-phish-net/#comments Tue, 13 Mar 2012 15:34:57 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21816 Interviews: Joe Alessi of New York Philharmonic on Trey [Phish.net]

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-joe-alessi-of-new-york-philharmonic-on-trey-phish-net/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Chris Kuroda – Honest Talk About Phish [The Ticket] http://yemblog.com/interviews-chris-kuroda-honest-talk-about-phish-the-ticket/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-chris-kuroda-honest-talk-about-phish-the-ticket/#comments Sun, 11 Mar 2012 00:01:16 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21776 Interviews: Chris Kuroda – Honest Talk About Phish [The Ticket]

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-chris-kuroda-honest-talk-about-phish-the-ticket/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Trey & Page 05/23/2000 Playlist Features Three Parts http://yemblog.com/interviews-trey-page-05232000-playlist-features-three-parts/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-trey-page-05232000-playlist-features-three-parts/#comments Tue, 21 Feb 2012 19:08:28 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21591 Interviews: Trey & Page 05/23/2000 Playlist Features Three Parts

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-trey-page-05232000-playlist-features-three-parts/feed/ 0
    Blatant Self-Promotion: Q&A with YEMblog’s Scott Bernstein [Phish.net] http://yemblog.com/blatant-self-promotion-qa-with-yemblogs-scott-bernstein-phish-net/ http://yemblog.com/blatant-self-promotion-qa-with-yemblogs-scott-bernstein-phish-net/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2012 16:15:40 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21523 Blatant Self-Promotion: Q&A with YEMblog’s Scott Bernstein [Phish.net]

    Ever wondered about the background of “YEMblog,” perhaps the most widely used Phish blog on the web? I did, and I asked Scott Bernstein (“SB”), the man behind the site, to chat about it and he graciously obliged

    http://yemblog.com/blatant-self-promotion-qa-with-yemblogs-scott-bernstein-phish-net/feed/ 0
    New Year’s Gag: Phish’s 2012 NYE Gag Pt. 2 – The Lighting [LiveDesign] http://yemblog.com/new-years-gag-phishs-2012-nye-gag-pt-2-the-lighting-livedesign/ http://yemblog.com/new-years-gag-phishs-2012-nye-gag-pt-2-the-lighting-livedesign/#comments Thu, 09 Feb 2012 20:56:05 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21464 New Year’s Gag: Phish’s 2012 NYE Gag Pt. 2 – The Lighting [LiveDesign]

    http://yemblog.com/new-years-gag-phishs-2012-nye-gag-pt-2-the-lighting-livedesign/feed/ 0
    Interviews: An Exclusive Interview With Brad Serling of Nugs.net [Kickshuffle] http://yemblog.com/interviews-an-exclusive-interview-with-brad-serling-of-nugs-net-kickshuffle/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-an-exclusive-interview-with-brad-serling-of-nugs-net-kickshuffle/#comments Thu, 19 Jan 2012 15:36:52 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21259 Interviews: An Exclusive Interview With Brad Serling of Nugs.net [Kickshuffle]

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-an-exclusive-interview-with-brad-serling-of-nugs-net-kickshuffle/feed/ 0
    Protests: Why Phish.net Went Dark Yesterday [Phish.net] http://yemblog.com/protests-why-phish-net-went-dark-yesterday-phish-net/ http://yemblog.com/protests-why-phish-net-went-dark-yesterday-phish-net/#comments Thu, 19 Jan 2012 15:27:33 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21249 Protests: Why Phish.net Went Dark Yesterday [Phish.net]

    http://yemblog.com/protests-why-phish-net-went-dark-yesterday-phish-net/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Mike Gordon and Ron Delsner Interview Each Other http://yemblog.com/interviews-mike-gordon-and-ron-delsner-interview-each-other/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-mike-gordon-and-ron-delsner-interview-each-other/#comments Wed, 04 Jan 2012 16:45:30 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=21115 Interviews: Mike Gordon and Ron Delsner Interview Each Other

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-mike-gordon-and-ron-delsner-interview-each-other/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Q&A with Mr. Miner about new book [Phish.net] http://yemblog.com/interviews-qa-with-mr-miner-about-new-book-phish-net/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-qa-with-mr-miner-about-new-book-phish-net/#comments Wed, 14 Dec 2011 18:05:21 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=20798 Interviews: Q&A with Mr. Miner about new book [Phish.net]

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-qa-with-mr-miner-about-new-book-phish-net/feed/ 0
    Features: A Conversation with HT and YEMblog’s Scott Bernstein [KickShuffle] http://yemblog.com/features-a-conversation-with-ht-and-yemblogs-scott-bernstein-kickshuffle/ http://yemblog.com/features-a-conversation-with-ht-and-yemblogs-scott-bernstein-kickshuffle/#comments Tue, 13 Dec 2011 17:46:32 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=20786 Features: A Conversation with HT and YEMblog’s Scott Bernstein [KickShuffle]

    That leads me to my next question – what advice would you give to up and coming bands?

    Put on a great live show and make each performance interesting. Gain an audience by becoming a great live act and then those fans will buy your studio efforts. You don’t need to be a jam band to change your setlist every night. And don’t undervalue  Spotify. Ask your fans to add your music to their shared playlists. I’ve discovered plenty of acts that way in 2011.

    http://yemblog.com/features-a-conversation-with-ht-and-yemblogs-scott-bernstein-kickshuffle/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Mike Gordon – A Peak Experience [CT.com] http://yemblog.com/interviews-mike-gordon-a-peak-experience-ct-com/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-mike-gordon-a-peak-experience-ct-com/#comments Tue, 13 Dec 2011 17:42:50 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=20780 Interviews: Mike Gordon – A Peak Experience [CT.com]

    “There’s so much about this that you wouldn’t believe,” Gordon said. “It’s great because the two parts of my career inspire each other: Phish is going great; it’s inspiring and musically it’s incredibly fun, and there are a lot of perks. But I don’t get to write most of the material. I do get to contribute songs, but there’s only so much space to develop them.”

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-mike-gordon-a-peak-experience-ct-com/feed/ 0
    Previews: Mike Gordon to Play Calvin Theatre [Daily Collegian] http://yemblog.com/previews-mike-gordon-to-play-calvin-theatre-daily-collegian/ http://yemblog.com/previews-mike-gordon-to-play-calvin-theatre-daily-collegian/#comments Fri, 09 Dec 2011 20:59:03 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=20690 Previews: Mike Gordon to Play Calvin Theatre [Daily Collegian]

    http://yemblog.com/previews-mike-gordon-to-play-calvin-theatre-daily-collegian/feed/ 0
    Interviews: Catching Up with Mike Gordon – Pt. 2 [Hidden Track] http://yemblog.com/interviews-catching-up-with-mike-gordon-pt-2-hidden-track/ http://yemblog.com/interviews-catching-up-with-mike-gordon-pt-2-hidden-track/#comments Wed, 07 Dec 2011 16:20:06 +0000 http://yemblog.com/?p=20653 Interviews: Catching Up with Mike Gordon – Pt. 2 [Hidden Track]

    Brian Bavosa: Your band played two shows in November, how did it go?

    Mike Gordon:  It was a whirlwind of activity getting ready and hitting the road for our first weekend in six months. There was a certain smoothness of intention which felt great in the first set – like instead of the music playing itself, our souls played themselves, or at least mine did. That may sound strange but that’s how it felt. There was a relaxedness and a tightness despite it being fresh, and it was also great to have a few new songs, including an epic cover and a new original, Sideways. That one in particular felt smooooth – it’s almost reggaeish, and yet dimented enough such that I don’t know what it is… A simple, haunting little ditty about the world on its side. Or something… Very cool to rehearse something and try so many subtle variations of groove and approach – tight vs. loose, repeating vs. improvised – and then remembering that it’s only on stage that the final element walks in the door – the magic.

    http://yemblog.com/interviews-catching-up-with-mike-gordon-pt-2-hidden-track/feed/ 0