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    May 14, 2010

    Phish 3D: Phish 3D Goes Beyond Regular Concert Film [Buffalo News]

    May 11, 2010

    Phish 3D: Phish and the 3D Debacle [DJ Ocean’s World]

    In a way, Phish 3D was similar to Phish’s Coventry debacle in where the wife and I spent eight hours waiting to leave “the cluster-fuck in Vermont.” As with Coventry, I believe the intent behind Phish 3D was honest and in good faith, but like Coventry, although it sounded like a great idea at the time, the execution was horribly flawed making the end-result something that was horrible and somewhat disrespectful to people who pay good money to see a band perform (even if it is in a movie theater).

    May 5, 2010

    Phish 3D: Review – Check Out Phish 3D [CoS]

    Phish 3D: The Great Concert Films – Gold Standard [OrlandoSentinel]

    And the band didn’t help. The odd smile, almost no interaction with their audience, just serious musicians playing their music. As spontaneous as Hannah Montana.

    It was dull as a movie, and the regular working journalists who cover live music I know confirmed this to be an accurate representation of the Phish concert experience. Not a lot of “show” in their show business, not the most accessible tunes. A big sound, but not really a big show.

    May 4, 2010

    Phish 3D: Phans Take to Film Like Phish to Water [Desert Sun]

    Phish 3D: ZZYZX’s Phish 3D Review [Phish.net]

    Phish 3D: It’s For Fans – or Phans – Only [Pegasus]

    Phish 3D: Review – Relivin’ Indio [Phish Thoughts]

    On the other hand, many people have complained about song selection, camera work, editing, and the such. Really?? I have one question to these purveyors of negativity who complain that a Phish 3D movie wasn’t worthy of cinematic greatness – “Can you still have fun?”

    May 3, 2010

    Phish 3D: Review – Thoughts on Phish 3D [OhKeePahBlog]

    May 2, 2010

    Phish 3D: A Glide Inside The Cubic Tube [Wading in the Velvet C.]

    Phish 3D: Movie Review – Phish 3D [Orlando Sentinel]

    Phish 3D: 3D Recap and Review [Coventry]

    Phish 3D: Jurgen Fauth’s Review [About.com]

    April 30, 2010

    Phish 3D: Reviews – Weekend Movie Forecast [Gothamist]

    Phish 3D: Movie Review – Phish 3D Lacks Depth [Boston Globe]

    In general, one wonders why anyone went to the trouble and expense of 3-D cinematography when there is nothing inherently interesting or flashy about watching Phish perform its music. That’s not a knock on the band; a Phish concert is an event. But it’s one created through interaction between band and audience. In this movie, only one half of that equation is fairly represented, and the 3-D doesn’t pull you in nearly enough to replicate the live concert experience.

    Phish 3D: AC/DC Bag Audio From The Movie [CoS]

    April 29, 2010

    Phish 3D: Review – Music Masterful, Scene Memorable [BurlingtonFreePress]

    Phish 3D: Review – Phish 3D Sinks or Swims [Boston Herald]

    Phish 3D is not a game-changer. Your thoughts going in will likely be the same as going out. You either believe that this band is the Grateful Dead of its day or, well, the Grateful Dead of its day.

    Phish: Phish 3D Suzy Greenberg Excerpt

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish 3D: Exclusive Audio – Sleep Again From Phish 3D [CoS]

    Phish: Phish 3D Stealing Time Excerpt

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish: Phish 3D Undermind Excerpt

    YouTube Preview Image

    April 28, 2010

    Phish 3D: Exclusive Audio of Maze From Phish3D [CoS]

    Phish 3D: List of Theaters Finalized [Phish3D]

    April 27, 2010

    Phish 3D: Check Out – Back On The Train [ConsequenceofSound]

    April 26, 2010

    Phish: Loving Cup From Phish 3D [VQ: A+, AQ: A+, Official]

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish 3D: Review – Phish in Brooklyn in 3D [Observer]

    Phish 3D: Movie Brings Jam to Fans [Billboard]

    April 23, 2010

    Phish 3D: Was it Phantastic or Phorgettable? [Live Fix]

    April 22, 2010

    Phish 3D: Phish Brings Epic Live Show to Screen [Rolling Stone]

    Over the course of the three-day weekend, the crew captured 17 hours of live music, and much of that was left on the cutting room floor, including backstage and rehearsal footage. (Miller says the band was closely involved in editing the movie: “We had a lead-in with B-roll shots and they said they didn’t want them in there. They wanted it to be just about the concert. That’s what they were going for.”) But Miller notes that there is potential this footage will make it to DVD, or to another theatrical release. “We’re talking to the band about that now,” he says. “There’s a lot of work that we have. It could be another feature or a DVD, but that’s really up to the band now.”

    Phish 3D: Film Review – Phish 3D [Glide Magazine]

    On the whole, I was glad that the film featured 99% music, though some viewers complained about the lack of exploration of the festival grounds. If the film had been titled “Phish Festival 8 3D,” I would have been disappointed with the meager rehearsal footage and otherwise unremarkable offstage moments as well. But for Phish 3D, the focus on the music worked. Short of sitting sidestage with the VIP’s or having amazing seats at a show, this film is the purest visual Phish experience in existence.

    Phish 3D: Screencaps of Curtain, Tweezer, Suzy Rehearsal and More Playlist [VQ: B, AQ: B-]


    Phish 3D: Catching Phishn Movie a High Point [Boston Herald]

    April 21, 2010

    Phish 3D: Review – Phish 3D Likes and Dislikes [Hidden Track]

    Overall, I was very impressed with the movie. The 3D adds a great deal but isn’t so in-your-face obnoxious that it prevents you from appreciating the simple things. The music, while not up there among the best Phish has ever played, is certainly enjoyable. And for those of us who weren’t able to make it to Indio it was a nice snippet into the experience of the weekend. At times you could almost feel the sun beating down on the crowd. All while sitting in a movie theater in Brooklyn. Pretty damn cool.

    Phish 3D: Reviews – Phish 3D Opening Night [Jambands]

    The 3D technology doesn’t seem to be fully-utilized, with many close-ups of the band members and not enough wide shots of the stage that would have offered much greater depth of field (literally the distance between the foreground and background of a given shot – the greater the distance, the better the 3D effect).

    Phish 3D: Review – Phish 3D Live Concert Film [Concert Confessions]

    For many the highlight of Festival 8 was the Halloween night encore of “Suzy Greenberg.” Only a fool would have left this out of the film.  Heck, just like it was the highlight of Festival 8, Suzy is the hands down highlight of the entire 2 hour and 20 minute 3D concert event.  The final song of the festival was also the final song of the film.  With guitarist Trey Anastasio looking all goofy, the band blew the roof off the theatre with a hard rocking “Tweezer Reprise.”  Then just like that, it was over.  Scary how fast two hours and twenty minutes can fly by.

    Phish 3D: Phish Movie Premieres In Williston [WCAX]

    Phish 3D: Review – Great Band, Horrid 3D Movie [TheWrap]

    At best, the cheesy, timed-with-the-music cuts start to jangle your nerves. At worst, you start to get a near-audible “thunk” in the back of your eyeballs with every jump.

    And then you tear off your glasses and exit the theater, wishing you could punch Wilson in the eye.

    Oh, Wilson. Even in 2D, this edit would’ve been annoying – you can never once explore the oversized scene; or focus on what one musician is doing during an intricate passage; or scan for faces in the crowd you may know. Maybe even yours.

    Phish 3D: Fan Reviews

    YouTube Preview Image

    April 20, 2010

    Phish 3D: Phish 3D Movie Setlist Spoilers and Preview [Hidden Track]

    Phish 3D: Additional Theaters Added for 4/30 [Phish3DMovie]

    Marketfair 15 – Fayetteville, NC
    Wynnsong 10 – Columbia, SC
    Carmike 14 – Tyler, TX
    Paradiso Cinema 16 – Memphis, TN
    Starlight 20 – Tampa, FL
    Muvico Rosemont 18 Theater – Rosemont, IL
    Madison Theatre – Albany, NY
    UltraStar Surprise Pointe 14, Surprise, AZ
    Chula Vista 10 – Chula Vista, CA
    UltraStar’s Mission Marketplace – Oceanside, CA
    Mission Valley 7 – San Diego, CA
    Wynnsong 12 – Winston-Salem, NC

    Phish 3D: 10/31/2009 Suzy Greenberg [VQ: A, AQ: A]

    YouTube Preview Image

    April 19, 2010

    Contests: Phish 3D Ticket Giveaway [Cause=Time]

    April 14, 2010

    Phish 3D: Phish Fans Eager For Band’s 3-D Movie [WCAX]

    Contests: JamBase Hosts Special 4/29 Midnight Screenings of Phish 3D [JamBase]

    JamBase is proud to be giving away tickets to an exclusive midnight screening of Phish 3D on Thursday April 29. You can enter the contest for several different cities at: www.jambase.com/phish3dmovie.

    March 26, 2010

    Phish: Phish 3D Trailer

    YouTube Preview Image

    Phish 3D: Phish in 3-D That Everyone Can See [NY Times]

    March 25, 2010

    Movies: Phish 3D Movie – April 30th Nationwide [Hidden Track]

    As we first reported in October, Phish’s Festival 8 was filmed in 3D for a theatrical release and we finally have the details on just when we can catch Phish 3D. The film will run in theaters nationwide for one week starting on Friday, April 30. The movie will run just over two hours in total.

    March 7, 2010

    Phish 3D: Phish 3D Film Due Out in April [Consequence of Sound]

    Between a massive reunion tour and a new studio album to an appearance at Bonnaroo and the hosting of its very own music festival, Phish seemingly did it all in 2009. Well, that is everything except star in its very own feature film. However, that will all change later this year when the legendary jam band follows in the footstep of U2 and Dave Matthews Band and releases its very own 3D film.