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August 14, 2012

Leg Two: Postcards From Page Side – Statement Time For Phish

February 8, 2012

Editorial: There’s a LOT Missing From Phish Tour [Hidden Track]

January 4, 2012

NYE Run Recaps: Phish NYE Run – Feast or Famine? [Hidden Track]

October 20, 2011

Editorials: Pop The TAB and Drink It Up [Hidden Track]

Funny how often the best things in the world of Phish and the Trey Anastasio Band, affectionately known as TAB, simply go unnoticed. In chatting this past weekend with Hidden Track Editor extraordinaire, Scott Bernstein, about HT’s 5th Anniversary and the 1st of Postcards From Page Side, we were both scratching our heads on the lack of TAB coverage from this mini-tour that just wrapped up, making this week’s column a no-brainer as to what to cover. I caught one TAB show this tour, on the eve of my 31st Birthday, with a large crew of friends at Montclair, New Jersey’s Wellmont Theatre.

September 7, 2011

Why We Love Still Love Phish: Keeping It Fresh [Hidden Track]

For any Phish fan, the question they undoubtedly are asked time after time is some variation of “You’re going to see them again?” or “Don’t they play the same stuff?” or “Aren’t you sick of them by now?” While the polite reply may be to smirk whilst trying to gently explain that the band is always spontaneous and unpredictable, and never plays the same thing twice, you are probably thinking that this person is simply missing out on the ride of lifetime. Now, I am not trying to slam any non-Phish fan, but wanted to take a closer look into why we continuously do what we do and how the band manages to keep reeling us in and keeping things fresh after nearly 30 years.

July 13, 2011

Watkins Glen: Postcards From Page Side – Super Ball IX [Hidden Track]

June 29, 2011

Phish Festivals: Postcards From Page Side – When The Circus Comes To Town [Hidden Track]

From the Clifford Ball’s artwork, Ball Square (which again will return this year), and the fact that things were taking place on a decommissioned airforce base (a theme that would continue in latter years and festivals), the sheer scope and ambition that went into the first festival was unprecedented and never seen before. Ending a short, but ferocious Summer ’96 U.S. Tour, the band arrived just across the river from their Burlington base at the time ready to deliver, and boy did they. From the often praised “best set ever” of 8.17 II, which included a Slave to the Traffic Light that is many fans’ favorite version, the band was razor sharp. But, Phish had more in store, including what would become another staple of their festivals: playing a secret set at a random time during the weekend.

May 18, 2011

Venues: Postcards From Page Side – The Brilliant Beacon [HT]

January 12, 2011

NYE Run: Postcards From Page Side – Meatstick The Musical & Rediscovering IT [HT]

November 3, 2010

Halloween: Examining The Little Feat Choice [Hidden Track]

Most importantly however, was not the days and months that led up to the AC shows, but rather the previous 30-plus years of Phish listening, learning, ripping off ideas and overall living Little Feat. You see, what many of the younger fans might not realize is that while the name Little Feat might not steal as much thunder or light up as brightly as The Rolling Stones, The Who or The Beatles, they were every bit as important to American music – and Phish – as all of the others.