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    October 11, 2012

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    October 4, 2012

    • Now setbreak #LoveForLevon #
    • On stage w Mike was Levon horns, Jim Weider, Larry Campbell, Brian Mitchell, Kenny Arnoff, Justin Guip, Amy Helm and Teresa Williams #
    • Cactus using what looks to be four-string Fender Bass. Short jam before bridge. Mike killin it as per usual #LoveForLevon #
    • #phish bassist @mike_gordon on bass for Rag Mama Rag at #loveforlevon Tribute in New Jersey Sung by John Hiatt #
    • ICYMI: #phish Announced 4-Night NYE Run at MSG. Here's @hidden_track 's Exhaustive Look at Past Phish & MSG New Year's http://t.co/gsrcKQHJ #

    October 3, 2012

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    October 1, 2012

    September 30, 2012

    September 29, 2012

    September 28, 2012

    • @jammitNP Do you really need to make it that anyone who searches for #phish sees dozens of your tweets which don't tell much? Please stop #
    • One Week From Today: @gametapesforum Returns – 08/14/96 Set I – Set and discussion starts at 9PM ET on Turntable.fm #phish #
    • Listening Party: Fine folks of @ThePhishFromTT are revisiting Oswego feat. a "touched-up" recording. 7/17/99 at 2PM ET http://t.co/l16G2YR6 #

    September 27, 2012

    September 26, 2012

    September 25, 2012

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    September 12, 2012

    September 11, 2012

    September 10, 2012

    September 9, 2012

    September 8, 2012

    • @mrminer HeadCount Benefit at @capitoltheatre in reply to mrminer #
    • That seems to be it. Black Thought does intros #
    • Warren weaves My Favorite Things into his solo. Trey and Questo right there with him #
    • Now it’s Warrens turn to solo #
    • Captain Kirk Douglas sings 2nd verse #
    • Bobby Keys takes 2nd solo #
    • Warren on vocals #
    • Trey lays into intense first Whipping Post solo #
    • Whole gang continues to stick around for Whipping Post! #
    • Warren and Trey trading solos. black Thought out for first time in encore. Rapped a bit #
    • Whole gang stays out for Thrill Is Gone. Warren sings #
    • Trey getting his licks in during guitarmeggedon #
    • Five guitarists on stage – Kirk, Trey, Warren, Bobby and Grace along with Bobby Keys for Dancing In The Street #
    • And Bobby Keys as well #
    • Trey and Grace share warm embrace. Bobby and Warren emerge #
    • I don’t think Graces mic is on #
    • Trey and The Roots joined by Grace Potter Tey mentions there both from Burlington and they play Pigtail #
    • Trey brings it home. Straight forward smoking solo #
    • Roots provide funky groove as Red wails away #
    • Not as tight as First Tube but fun. trey starts solo #
    • Trey stays out for Bathtub Gin! #
    • Trey now taking solo after Roots absolutely nail beginning of song. Questo bashing away #
    • Trey Anastasio on guitar for First Tube! #
    • ‘@treyanastasio onstage at @capitoltheatre with Roots #
    • Most Popular Response To Our Bonus #yembconvo asking what #phish songs @questlove and Roots should play w/ Trey: First Tube, Sand, Jibboo #
    • Video: 12/03/1997 #Phish Spectrum Set 1 (Holy Drowned!) http://t.co/KcFWrR5l by Tyler Penn [VQ: B+, AQ: A] #
    • I'm attending the @HeadCountOrg benefit tonight. Aiming to share some thoughts on this feed #
    • Hope everyone enjoyed Faux The Archives Volume 2. To download the compilation, check here http://t.co/QxuAVahl #phish #
    • #nowplaying Bathtub Gin -> Jump Monk -> Bathtub Gin http://t.co/g6v3qJfW #phish #fauxthearchives #
    • Dive In To Faux The Archives For A Ridiculous Fee -> Jam http://t.co/g6v3qJfW #phish #
    • #phish Friday: @phortin Weighs In On The Dick's Run http://t.co/HbTmvFDH #
    • Join us for a Faux The Archives listening party and discussion as we drop Vol. 2 featuring #phish gems http://t.co/g6v3qJfW #
    • In one hour @ThePhishFromTT will host the debut of Faux The Archives – Volume 2 #phish compilation http://t.co/g6v3qJfW #
    • In two hours we'll unveil Faux The Archives Vol. 2 compilation through @ThePhishFromTT listening party http://t.co/g6v3qJfW #phish #
    • @LSaxilla I Am Trying To Break Your Poor Heart in reply to LSaxilla #
    • If @questlove and The Roots were to play a #phish song or two with @treyanastasio which one(s) should they play? #bonus #yembconvo #
    • @GuyForgetOPT That would indeed sound fucking awesome #yembconvo in reply to GuyForgetOPT #
    • RT @bizarchive: 5/31/11 YEM #fromthebizarchive #1 http://t.co/VPUqss3H #
    • Want To See @treyanastasio at @capitoltheatre Tonight? The Venue Is Giving Away A Pair of Tix. Details = http://on.fb.me/NYPsZw #
    • Ha! The ultimate in the indie-jam worlds colliding RT @phishcrit: @YEMblog Yo La Tengo, for a set of VU covers. #yembconvo #
    • Only if they change it to "I Don't Want A New Drug" RT @itsmikewright: @YEMblog @treyanastasio Huey Lewis and the News #
    • After seeing Paul Simon w/ them, can only imagine… RT @TheSexauer: @YEMblog @treyanastasio The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra! #yembconvo #
    • ::faints:: RT @mdphunk: @YEMblog Wilco. Guitar battle with Nels! #yembconvo #
    • Friday Conversation: What musician/musical act would you like to see @treyanastasio sit in with that he hasn't in the past? #yembconvo #
    • Today at 2PM ET: Come Listen To Faux The Archives – Vol. 2 at @ThePhishFromTT Here's The Tracklist: http://t.co/BPwKF2x5 #phish #
    • @akeirans Thanks, AJ. Just saw your tweet, was asleep early last night and woke up to 10 emails about Questo's tweet! in reply to akeirans #

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    August 26, 2012

    August 24, 2012

    • Does it end w a broadcast of Saturday's show? MT @nugsnet: Alabama bound! The road to tomorrow night's #Phish webcast starts here at ATL #
    • @tweezburger Great read, thanks for sharing! in reply to tweezburger #
    • Yes indeed! RT @noahzz: @YEMblog I love Pigtail. With horns on the studio vers? #
    • @chinner0313 Nice work giving @mike_gordon the Fishman glasses. Clearly the band dug 'em! #
    • Photo: Chris Kuroda – Point Of Impact by Ken Scelfo http://t.co/bh4eYFHZ #phish #
    • #weareeverywhere MT @PatrickKerrison: Runaway Jim drops into a $25k claimer at MonmouthPark tomorrow Race 7 #6 @phish #phish #monmouthpark #
    • @mcclainjohnson In this instance, #phish :) in reply to mcclainjohnson #
    • Holy Stereotypes Batman MT @ThisAdamKing: My San Fran review seems to be reigniting the mid-90's Coastal war http://t.co/tvcsw1iJ #Phish #
    • There…Can You Read It… RT @DogGoneBlog: I wrote quite a bit about "Scabbard" for @RelixMag http://t.co/UO6PdDZ9 #
    • Interesting, last night's Skin It Back didn't feature Trey playing the Spanish Moon riff at the beginning like the Jones Beach version #
    • THE Kansas City Tweezer RT @Phish_FTR: Kansas City Tweezer http://t.co/y37dSaDJ #
    • Videos: Great footage of #Phish in SF by "Faketaper" – First Tube, Simple, Carini, Wilson, 'paug, Horse > Silent + 2001 http://t.co/mlSs6HI2 #
    • Video: @joegarofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle talks to @HeadCountOrg about registering #phish fans at concerts http://t.co/z5gc2mXE #
    • There's this moment in last night's Hood where Page plays this inventive riff that Trey picks up on and the blasts off into the stratosphere #
    • @mcclainjohnson So…when's your next show? Look forward to reading what you come up with. #
    • He did and heard of lots of people getting them that day RT @heyitsmejenni: @YEMblog Trey didn't do a presale this tour? #
    • Ray "The Milkman" Paczkowski sure lives up to his name on the Scabbard b-side Pigtail. Exceptional clav work. #trey #phish #
    • From our informal poll seems like 1of our followers scored Trey Beacon tix, a few were offered singles but no pairs and vast majority got 0 #
    • Informal Poll: Did anyone score Trey tickets at 11AM? #
    • 24Bit on Scabbard -"Anastasio feels poised to prove that he’s 1 of the most inventive musical minds of his generation." http://t.co/lMIiqtc1 #
    • RT @bryontreece: @YEMblog Very quick #phish reference at 57:52 of @WTFpod Ep. 306. #weareeverywhere #
    • Playlist: LazyLightning55 Has Added More Spectacular SF Video http://t.co/msYgJJjw …Mike's > Simple, Crowd Control and Sand #
    • Had a listen to the B-side from the Scabbard 7", which is Pigtail (!!!). Another impeccably crafted studio track. Can't wait for Traveler #
    • ICYMI: Fishman Went Political on Us and #phish Delivered a Stunning Tweezer in Kansas City. Recap, Setlist + Skinny: http://t.co/CWtAEMBv #
    • There's a glorious peak in the Tweezer that you need to hear. Wow, what a beaut and they work it for a few minutes. Nice work the #phish #

    August 22, 2012

    August 21, 2012

    August 20, 2012

    August 19, 2012

    August 18, 2012

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    August 15, 2012

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    August 12, 2012

    August 11, 2012

    August 10, 2012

    • RT @TomMarshall111: From the Dungeon (almost) — check out "Sailboat Man" http://t.co/PkwTcOSN #phish #trey #
    • @andygadiel – Not enough! My favorite type of Tweez, hard rockin' + intense + quick turns through different ideas #
    • Audio: @mike_gordon Shares The 2001 Demo For Susskind Hotel http://t.co/ARVkfd3T #phish #
    • @beaucolburn I've got to agree in reply to beaucolburn #
    • One of the Deadhead bros was so overwhelmed I looked over at his setlist and it read "DARKSTAR!!!" He was flustered #sorryformasstweets #
    • I went from thinking i'd have to beg for a ride home after the show to finding my best friend/ride home and seeing TERRAPIN [ctd.] #
    • Quite like the reaction to Terrapin. Tears, hugs, screams – you name it: place went ballistic [ctd.] #
    • He was with some Deadhead friends that weren't into #phish I've never seen anything in my life [ctd.] #
    • Searched all over MPP for him and finally found him just as setbreak was ending at VA Beach [ctd.] #
    • My Terrapin Story: Had such a crazy trip down there and pre-cell phones couldn't find my best friend who was giving me a lift home [ctd.] #
    • One of the most beautiful moments in #phish history http://t.co/6xFnbT4b #RIPjerry Anyone have any good stories 'bout that night? #

    August 9, 2012

    • @drewphish http://t.co/dpuypiTu Happy Birthday, Drew! This 2nd Mike's Jam Is For You! #
    • Anyone get caught in crazy traffic heading towards Merriweather on 8/8/98? Know folks who missed most of first set. Ouch! #phish #
    • In Case You've Been Missing It: @phishcrit has been analyzing one of the best months in #phish history – August '93. He's on 8/8/93 today #
    • On a timely note – Fifteen Years Ago Today A #phish Show Was Webcast For The First Time http://t.co/DGykG4do #
    • Bassist looking to study Mike's approach? @telekinetica 11/14/97 Slave video focuses on Gordon's fingers for jam http://t.co/EAxaaPWc #
    • "Your experience will be as special as you make it" RT @avivhadar: Expectations, Expectations, Expectations: http://t.co/iogAk1KN #phish #
    • "Your experience will be as special as you make it" RT @avivhadar: Expectations, Expectations, Expectations: http://t.co/O176BUyA #Phish #
    • Funky Cow RT @Heidibgoode: My son is at the fair and he texted to tell me there is a cow named Anastasio. #phish #weareeverywhere #
    • @ellnuh @purplehbw @alexlikesgumbo Eric Larson shot video from FOH for #phish starting Fall '95 but don't think he did so at sheds in reply to ellnuh #
    • RT @Tweeprise: 14 years ago today was the beginning of 2 shows I will never forget #phish http://t.co/tchxytLG #
    • @Ev_dude @ellnuh @alexlikesgumbo They don't :( Not sure what percentage but know some didn't make it to archive in reply to Ev_dude #
    • @ellnuh @alexlikesgumbo Venue staff filmed shows at sheds, unclear if resulting vid made it to org in reply to ellnuh #
    • Soundboard audio circulates, no video exists TMK RT @AlexLikesGumbo: @YEMblog is there a good video/audio of that moment in phish history? #
    • Yes it was! So many highlights that night. I love Trey's Sweet Jane solo RT @kstauffer7: @YEMblog wasn't it also the 1st Sweet Jane? #phish #
    • Had never seen him as expressive as that night when he knew Merriweather would explode the minute he started the Sabotage bass line #phish #
    • Never forget when #phish returned for encore 14 years ago at MPP Mike had shit-eating, huge smile on his face as he launched into Sabotage #
    • 8/8-9/98 was 1 of my favorite 2-night stands ever. Incredible music + hanging w/ lifelong friends + Terrapin = Unforgettable Weekend #phish #

    August 8, 2012

    August 6, 2012

    August 4, 2012