Tahoe: 2011 Phamily Poker Classic 2 to Benefit Mockingbird Foundation [PPC]

The Phamily Poker Classic 2 is once again a Texas Hold Em Event and will take place on August 10th at Harvey’s casino in Lake Tahoe. This is the same casino that is hosting Phish’s August 9th & 10th shows. This installment of The Phamily Poker Classic will be limited to 10 tables including bounties as the whole tournament will be played during the afternoon of the 10th. The blinds and chip stacks will be structured so that nobody will miss a note of Phish.

This tournament will once again benefit our favorite charity The Mockingbird Foundation. The entry fee will once again be $120 and at least half of that amount will go directly into the prize pool along with a slew of great non-cash prizes that will be raffled off throughout the tournament. We anticipate a large number of exciting non-cash prizes to give away! The remainder of the buy in will go to the expenses for the tournament and for the donation to the Mockingbird Foundation.

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